All our production can be divided into several directions:

1. WEB

Full complex of works creating any WEB or WAP project. All of the sites developed by us have a convenient Content Management System (CMS), designed for inexperienced users - PageSVET (C). The system permits supporting both small sites and huge portals by ordinary users.

Using our technologies in your work, you get:

  • Real saving of funds expended on site support
  • Efficiency of site support
  • Topicality of information on your site or WEB-shop
  • Manifold of supporting your site (editing design, site structure, statistics, articles and much more)

2. Animation

Creating animated and cartoon films for internet, television and cinema. Full complex of works, from idea to post-processing. Using wide spectrum of technologies and great experience allows us to develop lots of diverse projects.


Advertising video-clips, enterprise video, video presentations, teaching-movies, social advertisement - everything, where video shooting is used. Under it there stand the script-preparations, shooting arrangement, directioning, cameraman's and cutter's work, sound recording and active using of computer graphics.

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