About the company

StudioSVET was registered in 2003. Since then, during this short period the company advanced it's position inside the market of animation products, internet-technologies and programming.

The company uses a wide list of modern software assets, permitting considering each project's features during it's development and maximize quality and development period sorting with the price.

Our prices are located in the average range of prices, comparing with other companies in animation and web-tech segment of the market.

The company aims to increase it's working level and the level of professional knowledge of it's staff. Technological instrumentary, high-level culture of work arrangement and strict quality control provide quick and optimal resolving of problems of any complexity.

The company is guided by the following foundations in it's work:

  • Creation effective and elegant products, needed by modern society
  • Prompt reaction on the market changes
  • Opennes and accessibility for our clients
  • Optimal term/price/quality ratio
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